Why Fluent Speech?

At the Precision Fluency Shaping Program, stuttering is treated as a behavioral problem, and not perceived as the consequence of a complex emotional disorder. The accurate redevelopment of the physical properties of speech compromises a valuable approach to a perplexing, long-standing affliction.

The Precision Fluency Shaping Program employs laboratory derived principles of learning in the development of new speech skills. In the therapy program, the physical mechanisms used in the production of speech are precisely and systematically retrained. Initially, participants in the Precision Fluency Shaping Program relearn the proper means of producing the elementary sounds of speech. The stutterers then rebuild their ability to correctly produce syllables, words, and ultimately, complete sentences.

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Teenage Boy Before and After Therapy Interview with Comments from his Mother about his New Fluency

Ross S. Barrett, M.A. CCC/SLP

Ross S. Barrett, M.A. CCC/SLP

Instructor of Clinical Otolaryngology

Eastern Virginia Medical School Program Director

Board Recognized Fluency Specialist

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Precision Fluency Shaping Program — A Life Changing Experience

Dear Ross,
My son, Josiah, age 16, completed your course about one month ago. From the moment he had come home, he was different. Formerly he refused to speak on the phone. But he got a cell phone and now uses it with great anticipation. He formerly refused to talk to the neighbors, but now he goes there with pleasure to talk to them. He even called ESPN national Sports Talk radio to openly voice his opinions for everyone in the county to hear!

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